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July-Early August has been a great month. We've been very busy behind the scenes.

Creative Server Changes:

Update to support 1.12

Major Features
- Skin browser (Allowing players to change their skin in game with over 400 skins)
- Plot chat tags
- Protection flag management
- Resource packs
- easier flag setting (weather, time) and cleaned up the menu overall.
- New spawn npcs
- Top plots browser
- Cleaner looking plot chat

Donator Features
- Player Clones
- Draw art
- New UberPets (Unicorn, pug,Mini Ender Dragon)

Behind the scenes features
- Fixed many memory, crashing issues to increase uptime and players online
- Fixed many griefing tactics used by other players (Firework spam, lingering potions spam)
- Fixed RP menu
- Chat moderation has been increased
- Players can now ignore other players, votemutes now affects plot chat
- Fixed server advertising spam tactics.
There were a significant amount of changes made to the creative server in the last 30 days.
This was after streaming on the server for 30 days, I saw the server through the players eyes and encountered pretty much everything.

Here is what has been changed:
  • New WorldEdit, significantly unrestricted and lag free.
  • Added Vehicles (About 30 of them)
  • Added 150 Furniture objects
  • Added Fun TNT
  • Marriages can now be divorced with one player online
  • New Twitch logo @ spawn
  • [PlotGUI] - Added Remove all players
  • Fixed Portal Traps
  • Fixed glitched spawn eggs
  • Fixed glitched potion/arrows.
  • Fixed glitched fireworks
  • Fixed Grief Books
  • PlotGUI Item can be dragged out of inventory
  • Fixed % in chat spam
  • Fixed Speech Bubbles
  • Donator Holograms can now be removed
  • Fixed Grief Glitched ArmorStands/Holograms
  • Friend Item can be dragged out of inventory
  • Removed Thunder Spam
  • Fixed UberPet Crash
There are probably bugs which still exist on creative and we're still adding new features to the server. Thank you everyone who brought issues to my attention to be fixed. It's become obvious that it takes about a month to iron a servers issues out, I'm hoping to start streaming on factions server next and fix the bugs there.
Always bring game breaking bugs to myself's derp or Max604's attention I do listen and get things fixed
Live on Twitch everynight @ 7:30 PST Host by wow4201
Make sure to follow!


I Present Ubertanic, the indestructible pirate ship. Built by over 20 of our UBERAdmins live on twitch.tv.
Thanks everyone who tuned it, this was a really long broadcast but totally worth it! We build this mother of a pirateship, had a skin contest and a loot crate giveaway! We had over 70 people watch the stream at once! over 50 followers and a $5.00 Stream donation!

UBERAdmins Building: 20+
Twitch Views: 400+
Players on plot: 200+
Skin contest Winners: Kate, SugarCookies, Pickachu
Loot Crate Winner: PokerFaceDace
Live on Twitch everynight @ 7:30 PST Host by wow4201
Make sure to follow!



What an epic this stream was, there was some really funny role playing, our King and Queen were replaced wtih the new skin contest winners, Natsuki_Fox had an really Queen/Princess skin. I demanded a chamberpot a boy was there one, we even had a chamber pot maid! Treason, Betrayal, Jester antics and an epic castle built! Also this was the night someone said "Your logo (on the flag) looks like a giant purple bird laid an egg"
Followers: 40+
Twitch viewers: 300+
Players on plot: 150+
Skin Competition Winners (King and Queen): Mr I<3Uber, Natuski_Fox
Loot Crate Giveaway: joeymartinezlogo
UBERMC Player Network

We're slowly rolling out a social network for UberMC Players.

What is it?
View players profiles using a very slick fast interface. The goal is for it to be similar to Facebook for UberMC players.

Current Features

-PVP Stats (ELO Ranking, Kills, Deaths)
-Friends Section (You can click their heads to view their profile)
-Players last online status, which server they were on. (Be on their profile, hover over their name)
-All profile information is updated every 2 minutes.

Planned Features
-Wall messages (port messages/images on your profiles wall)
-Player Feeds (Shows your recent accomplishments, Wall Messages)
-Friend Feed (Shows all your friends recent accomplishments, Wall Messages)
-Removing/Adding Players from website
-Show Rank Status (Basic/Plus/ect...)
-Show more friends information when you have mouse on their head.

Comment what you guys think about the design and features.

Play UberMC games and generate reports on things broken, Exploits (may require youtube research), things you think can be improved.

For Each report you send me, you name your price, and we will negotiate it. I reserve the right to reject reports outright.

You're a Freelancer not an employee
I'm looking for freelancers that can fulfill contracts. You must have ability to generate invoices to send to UberMC. You will not be staffed by UberMC, you are not working for UberMC. You work for yourself, but can fulfill game testing duties.

Paypal account
Over the age of minimum age to work in your country.
Removed Cratekey spam, Crate messages will no longer appear in chat.
Voting messages are significantly reduced, a message will only appear,
once every 5 minutes.
Cells/Black market will be fixed soon

Another long over due update.
Will be spending the day, updating prison server to 1.8.
This will allow access to all new blocks and items.
Will enable BannerMaker on DonatorBox for the server.

As well, I'm hoping it will fix a memory issue with the server,
which causes the uptime to suffer.
Made some changes to Hunger Games server.
- No longer glitch out, when spawned (Screen shakes)
- When auto joining games,it now tries to join games that are "counting down" first
- ^Otherwise it will pick a random arena to begin a new game.
- The countdown timer will display in center of screen (Using titles)
- Games require fewer players to start
- Games start faster
- Priority, is to have players playing a game fast!
- experimental code, to prevent arenas, from not restarting.
- Fixed bug, where games don't start.
- To auto join games, you now jump into end portal, instead of clicking on sign.
- Possibly fixed bug where games don't end properly.
please report any bugs, that are the result of this update to

SkyBlock will be updating to 1.8 tonight.
This means all Items/Blocks will be available in the game.
This was long overdue, hopefully everything goes good.
Wish me luck :)