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  1. Charlie
  2. Charlie
    And I am spanish
  3. Charlie
    Charlie wow4201
    Hey there,

    I am charlie need help ask me I am new so Yeah
  4. Charlie
  5. TacNathaniel
    TacNathaniel wow4201
    last seen a month ago... nearly
  6. Fire_Horse821
    Fire_Horse821 wow4201
    wow4201 i would like to be staff if someone breaks the rules i will give them a warning then if they don't stop they will get kicked off the server for 1 minute then if they still won't stop then i will ban them. Thank You please let me on board i feel like i will be good staff for the server p.s. i've been playing on this server for over 3 years
  7. Fire_Horse821
    wow4201 i would love to be staff if someone is spamming ill will tell to stop if they keep doing it i will kick them from server for 1minute
  8. iiVanished
    iiVanished wow4201
  9. xGoodIntentions
    xGoodIntentions wow4201
    Hey wow4201,i was wondering if i could apply for staff or for Helper? i am an active player, as you have seen me on your Factions server alot, i feel that i would be a great Helper or staff member, I love UberMc and is really the only server that i choose to play on. I would like to apply for staff or helper for the server, please get back to me as soon as possible. :D thanks
    1. xGoodIntentions
      My Email is
      Sep 2, 2017
  10. xGoodIntentions
    xGoodIntentions diecode
    How can i apply for staff or helper? i am a very active player, my rank at the moment is UBERAdmin, i would like to become a Helper or a Staff member, please get back to me as soon as possible.
  11. happyvirus1
    happyvirus1 wow4201
    Can I please refund my admin and sub admin purchases bc I don't need them my in game name is happyvirus1
  12. plzbringbackretrouber
    bring back retro uber minecraft
  13. Flame_Crusher
    I changed my IGN from FlameCrusher3345 to _ZeroCalories_, so if you need to contact me for whatever reason, this is my username.
  14. Flame_Crusher
    Sometimes, you can't win... because that guy on bed wars is too good.
  15. Peggy Marshall
    Peggy Marshall wow4201
    Hey... So I'm not quite sure how forums work... But idk how else to try to contact the owner... My user is peggys_red_hat and I was banned from creative almost 3 months ago. I was wondering if there was any way to get back on. I don't think I did anything wrong so I was hoping I could be allowed on again??? Plz lemme know what my options are. Thx
  16. DrewJBoodles
    Adventure On!
  17. Trap_Master1
    Trap_Master1 wow4201
    Wow4201 whenever I try to buy I rank I can't buy it cause it doesn't work how long should I wait for plz tell me and also can we be minecraft friends
  18. HerobrineSK123
    Ender49999 was hacking so many times with phase hacks and flight. I have multiple videos with proof and will post them soon.
  19. ITWashere123
    IGN: ITWashere
  20. happyvirus1
    happyvirus1 wow4201
    Ok so there is still hope for uber since YOUR NOT ACTIVE I want to be owner I know it's a lot to ask but I play it EVERYDAY but now I think I want to make it a better server ps I bought rank uber admin and NEVVER GGOTT IT SO REALLY BRO and I've never seen u please give me uber and tell me about owner thx please respond soon xD