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  1. Selaseon
    It's to coooollld outsiiideee, for angels to fly~
  2. EatYerBurgersM8
    Im a banana, im a banana, im a banana, STOP
  3. Furby_King
  4. Reflect
  5. LegendPRO
    LegendPRO wow4201
    Hello Owner Can I get Staff Rank I love this server and I want staff if you don't give that say how to apply for staff THX
  6. LegendPRO
    LegendPRO diecode
    Hello can I get Staff Rank pls I love this server and I want a staff thanks Köszönöm
  7. NoHackz4U
    NoHackz4U GenderLessChaosDragonBert
    Hello, i would like to ask you if i could be unbanned, i left multiple appeals and i was falslely banned on pvpop for "hacking". my ign is NoHackz4U and you can reach me on skype at tangodelta73 and discord nohackz4u
    1. GenderLessChaosDragonBert
      I'm not an actual Admin, I just bought the Admin Rank. The only real admin that actually is on Mc is Derp9999. or you can try and contact Wow, But I doubt they will see the messages on the forums.
      Sep 30, 2017
  8. TheMinecraftClub
  9. Batcat
    /warp BatShop for the best Enchanted Book deals!
  10. Charlie
    Charlie justagirl
    I wanna fuck
  11. Charlie
    And I am spanish
  12. Charlie
    Charlie wow4201
    Hey there,

    I am charlie need help ask me I am new so Yeah
  13. Charlie
  14. TacNathaniel
    TacNathaniel wow4201
    last seen a month ago... nearly
  15. Fire_Horse821
    Fire_Horse821 wow4201
    wow4201 i would like to be staff if someone breaks the rules i will give them a warning then if they don't stop they will get kicked off the server for 1 minute then if they still won't stop then i will ban them. Thank You please let me on board i feel like i will be good staff for the server p.s. i've been playing on this server for over 3 years
  16. Fire_Horse821
    wow4201 i would love to be staff if someone is spamming ill will tell to stop if they keep doing it i will kick them from server for 1minute
  17. iiVanished
    iiVanished wow4201
  18. xGoodIntentions
    xGoodIntentions wow4201
    Hey wow4201,i was wondering if i could apply for staff or for Helper? i am an active player, as you have seen me on your Factions server alot, i feel that i would be a great Helper or staff member, I love UberMc and is really the only server that i choose to play on. I would like to apply for staff or helper for the server, please get back to me as soon as possible. :D thanks
    1. xGoodIntentions
      My Email is
      Sep 2, 2017
  19. xGoodIntentions
    xGoodIntentions diecode
    How can i apply for staff or helper? i am a very active player, my rank at the moment is UBERAdmin, i would like to become a Helper or a Staff member, please get back to me as soon as possible.
  20. happyvirus1
    happyvirus1 wow4201
    Can I please refund my admin and sub admin purchases bc I don't need them my in game name is happyvirus1