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  1. 0steoporosis_
    Ok so i brought a rank from ubermc store (subgm) but when i just the server it didnt say i have the rank. I even brought it twice.
  2. IceFlareMG
  3. yoyoo9000
    yoyoo9000 wow4201
    GPR_KILLER same here. I got banned. The server was so laggy and I got kicked for not taking kb. I joined again and it was still laggy then I got kicked losing my god maxed set. Then again and finally I got banned. Can you please unban me on PVP OP. It is the only server I play on. My username is yoyoo9000.
  4. LuckyPlayzYT
    DGGn0sc0p3s, CyberLyon, and FloydJohnson are being racist where can i report them?
  5. diegoboyster
  6. 2Skede
    2Skede wow4201
    Can you please ban or just give JohanHappy a warning for unpleaseant behaiviour on PVP Op
  7. LeoFennell
  8. Zeroh
    For you men who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, remember.. that’s where the knives are kept...
  9. Zeroh
    Uhh.. well, hello der?
  10. lion999
    lion999 wow4201
    Please un-ban me from creative since i did nothing wrong and creative is my favourite server+ my plot got hacked on while i was offline so please un-ban me if you are reading
  11. lion999
    Please reply to my post please
  12. shadowHunter564
    x_Batchfile_x scammed me he was going to buy me subadmin for my hole pv fulled with g axes and he sammed me ban him
  13. GoldenHawkFTW
  14. planetubla
    When I was playing skywars there was a hacker called Blutz. or blitz I don't really remember. Can someone ban him.
  15. crystalempire424
    crystalempire424 wow4201
    Someone called Wifi_smasher (with some numbers) has protested baby skins through using racist words and words used to hate on the LGBT community. Words such as "Hugest n----- ever" and another used the term "Gay imbred f--- that needs to go back to school." He also called them "f--gots" and other cruel wording. Please look into this. I have photo proof.
  16. Mr_DagALkeef_B7
    Hi everybody. `<3` :$
    GPR_KILLER wow4201
    Hey I got banned for hacking on oppvp I would like to get unbanned since I was not hacking and its unfair that I got banned. I bought sub admin and now I can't use it on my favorite mini game...
  18. TeamspeakLTD
    TeamspeakLTD TriggerinqTurtle
    Do not listen to this player R.I.P
  19. TriggerinqTurtle
    TriggerinqTurtle wow4201
    I got banned for "hacking on pvpop" when I hit a anti cheat bot once and got banned. Please fix this... my ign is TriggerinqToilet and I bought GM on this server only to get banned the next day...
  20. Mcmmo_Champion
    "Once your a king you will forever be one"