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  1. Diablosdos
    how can i put a video ?
  2. Diablosdos
  3. Oni-Chan
  4. eonofhell
  5. haloforlife44
    haloforlife44 wow4201
    and are baby skins against the rules
  6. haloforlife44
    haloforlife44 wow4201
    people think their better than everyone else just because they got uberadmin
  7. finnan04
    finnan04 wow4201
    There is a bug on factions. I cleared my inventory and I lost my head database item. Could you fix that?
  8. Tylxr__
    Tylxr__ Max604
    Max lets fuck ;)
  9. SarcasticBunny59
    SarcasticBunny59 wow4201
    Hello, there is someone who uses kill aura and speed and has alternate accounts. His/her main account is swagdragon54832. The player has also been harassing random people and abusing votemute. It would be helpful if you could ban him on the GTA server.
  10. bluecheese2
    i am currently working on a shopping mall which will be huge ill keep you guys updated
    1. Tylxr__
      Wanna fuck ;)
      Apr 14, 2017
  11. endermanstyle053
    Factions Server:1= /Auction Is Broke
    1. endermanstyle053
      Someone Fix This!
      Apr 10, 2017
  12. AzmoPurge2_MLG SNIPER
  13. iUzi
    Don't talk to me.
  14. ZaxeMC
    I record, I play and I have fun! :D
  15. Nitro
    #BanHacking #ActiveStaff #MakeUberMCABetterServer
  16. GoldenGamer63
    live life to the fullest
  17. zipper
    fresh memes and scary things
  18. MarsStarRide
    MarsStarRide Max604
    Hello It seems there is a broken Uber Pick the owner contacted me about it and i have seen that the item is infact not Smelting anything Items iron ore and Gold ore Is there a way to fix it or replace it with a new one this item is in my E-chest Owner NaithR wishes me to get this fixed. Please if any one can help me get this fix i would a appreciate it. *Bow*
  19. Tyler_O
    Tyler_O Max604
    Hai Im here to ask a unban on oppvp I got banned for hacking and i dont even hack all im asking is a Unban I hope you understand
  20. LoOoOnE_Wanderer
    wow4201 hi I changed my name from AoC_VaultTec to LoOoOnE_Wanderer and I cant acess my chests I need help