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  1. EmeraldRacer
    EmeraldRacer Xeto
    Wubba Lubba Dub Dub HAHA
  2. coolguy_1245
    coolguy_1245 wow4201
    Hey wow4201 read my thread :) i hope you read it asap and fix it :) thanks
  3. coolguy_1245
    Im an donor [Admin] :)
  4. CrazyKid22YT
    CrazyKid22YT wow4201
    Hello, wow4201 I Would Like Too Be Staff On Your Server. If There Is Any Way I Can Be A Staff Please Msg Me Back. Thank You!
  5. BomberWyld
    BomberWyld wow4201
    Hey, the server is kinda broken. I think that some of the plugins are missing somehow because /shop brings everyone straight to the auction house and /mobstack doesn't work either. Those are just a few things that are broken about the server but hopefully you can figure out what this problem is and fix it as soon as you can.
  6. Deryk
    I need someone to connotat me
  7. Deryk
  8. Ahmet
    Ahmet wow4201
    hey Wow4201! I'm _IAhmetI_ and I bought Plus at this server. I live in Ankara/Turkey but I'm on Aksaray/Turkey for Holiday now. all times I can join The Server at Ankara but All times I cant join the server at Aksaray. (it says Cant Connect to Server. at Aksaray) I like your server and I want to play games at your server. can you fix it? if am I have Wrong at english, sorry about it. Thanks!
  9. catstar393
    catstar393 wow4201
    how do I do a mod application
  10. hunterc100
    I play McInfected.
  11. PikaJames
    i am 18 and single
  12. OJMiller
    OJMiller wow4201
    Can I Do A Staff Application
  13. PandaMLG420
    Uber Mc Server Mod/staff
  14. GodOfMod
    GodOfMod wow4201
    Wow i said 5 each but u didnt care anything about server problems . İn skyblock everywher e scammers like ( 42042069BAKED and PandaMLG420 I have a lot witnesses and aqqrieved like me . You also care ur money take care us !!!!!!!!
    1. xMarzia
      Haha chill
      May 13, 2017
  15. iKinqs
    iKinqs wow4201
    Hello I was banned falsely for hacking on PvPOp from the AAC and I was wondering if u could Unban me? That game was my favorite mc server game and i really want to play it. Thanks, iKinqs (Edit) i Have changed my name to iiKinq
  16. plzbringbackretrouber
    plzbringbackretrouber wow4201
    Hey, I really miss the old uber MC. I hate all this mini game crap, and I especially hate how you just scrapped the old world, but if you have or know anyone who has the original world before the transition, I would love to know. I really miss it and want to explore again, even if it's not online.
  17. bluecheese2
    Scammer Report: These 3 people are selling fake mending books in ah Player Names: 42042069BAKED, Nothingbutluck and Shadowslayer177
  18. bluecheese2
    im currently working on a pretty big church, 39 blocks long and 31 blocks across so if u wanna see it warp BMart
  19. Nalu_
    I just play random stuff mainly creative and gta. #TeamNalu2017.
  20. bluecheese2
    i have finished my mountain and ravine and if u were wondering i finsihed my mall