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Oct 2, 1988 (Age: 28)

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Jun 17, 2017
    1. coolguy_1245
      Hey wow4201 read my thread :) i hope you read it asap and fix it :) thanks
    2. CrazyKid22YT
      Hello, wow4201 I Would Like Too Be Staff On Your Server. If There Is Any Way I Can Be A Staff Please Msg Me Back. Thank You!
    3. BomberWyld
      Hey, the server is kinda broken. I think that some of the plugins are missing somehow because /shop brings everyone straight to the auction house and /mobstack doesn't work either. Those are just a few things that are broken about the server but hopefully you can figure out what this problem is and fix it as soon as you can.
    4. Ahmet
      hey Wow4201! I'm _IAhmetI_ and I bought Plus at this server. I live in Ankara/Turkey but I'm on Aksaray/Turkey for Holiday now. all times I can join The Server at Ankara but All times I cant join the server at Aksaray. (it says Cant Connect to Server. at Aksaray) I like your server and I want to play games at your server. can you fix it? if am I have Wrong at english, sorry about it. Thanks!
    5. catstar393
      how do I do a mod application
    6. OJMiller
      Can I Do A Staff Application
    7. GodOfMod
      Wow i said 5 each but u didnt care anything about server problems . İn skyblock everywher e scammers like ( 42042069BAKED and PandaMLG420 I have a lot witnesses and aqqrieved like me . You also care ur money take care us !!!!!!!!
      1. xMarzia
        Haha chill
        May 13, 2017
    8. iKinqs
      Hello I was banned falsely for hacking on PvPOp from the AAC and I was wondering if u could Unban me? That game was my favorite mc server game and i really want to play it. Thanks, iKinqs (Edit) i Have changed my name to iiKinq
    9. plzbringbackretrouber
      Hey, I really miss the old uber MC. I hate all this mini game crap, and I especially hate how you just scrapped the old world, but if you have or know anyone who has the original world before the transition, I would love to know. I really miss it and want to explore again, even if it's not online.
    10. TrYHard
      WHY!!! ARE YOU NOT TAKE THE RESPONSIBILLITY TO THIS SERVER , one of your admin are hacking and he say its so fun,also he say its allowed on UberMc server, WTF! u had to take he's title away or do something to them! If u want a proof i had a screen shot he got kick for hacking,but the video i cant give it dont set any recording
    11. haloforlife44
      and are baby skins against the rules
    12. haloforlife44
      people think their better than everyone else just because they got uberadmin
    13. finnan04
      There is a bug on factions. I cleared my inventory and I lost my head database item. Could you fix that?
    14. SarcasticBunny59
      Hello, there is someone who uses kill aura and speed and has alternate accounts. His/her main account is swagdragon54832. The player has also been harassing random people and abusing votemute. It would be helpful if you could ban him on the GTA server.
    15. Jilliancon
      Hi, whenever I try to talk in the chat (on the server) I get a message in red that says "Cannot send chat message" This has been going on for about 12 hours but it was working perfectly fine yesterday. I haven't used any commands or said anything wrong, and I just want this fixed. Please tell me if that has happened before and if you know how to fix it PLEASE!!
    16. Badwulff
      Wow4201. this guy or female, _Korilakkuma_ just started a random fight. and started saying a crap ton of offensive things related to terrorist attacks, 9/11,mexicans/jews should burn in hell stuff like that. please ban him, its on creative on your server
    17. Ultimateninjasam
      From: _BruhItzAnAussie
    18. Ultimateninjasam
      You can unban me and I will stop or I will forever crash your server
    19. Ultimateninjasam
      So you ban me? I will be back
      You will see
    20. Kevingu
      PLease i want to join... Please ..
      Will you Please I want To Try this Server my Launcher is a Cracked is it working on your Server?
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    Oct 2, 1988 (Age: 28)