Bullying/Hacking N102

Discussion in 'Cops and Robbers' started by EstherSylvester, Jun 20, 2017.

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    [​IMG] I don't know if I will have enough evidence but this guy n102 is a huge bully and hacker. When I called him out he called me things like b*tch, idiot and even told me to go to hell.
    I sadly don't have proof of that part... I didn't think of recording him or anything until now.

    Every time I tried to get past him he would hit me back..sending me flying back. And even when he wasn't looking he could hit me. He can go through walls, and everything! I was being immature myself. But I was really angry knowing he likes doing this to ruin somebody's day! His friend who supported him literally told me: " Go burn on a d*ck, and go to hell"
    And at the boat he would stand on the pressure plate and hit us if were were five or seven blocks away from him.
    Thank you! ( I'm sorry if the evidence I have isn't enough, it was all I could get. I understand if you don't believe me. )
  2. Well, That's Uber for you, tryhards who tell people to KYS or f*ck themselves. You really can't win against those kind of people. Also There is literally no Staff on Uber at all, So Hacking is going to run free, and nothing will be done about it. As I've said Trent(The Owner) Is Money hungry and give zero fucks if anyone hacks.

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