Falsely Banned 4 Jitterclick- HELP, Unban Pls Trent

Discussion in 'Factions 2.0' started by xGoodIntentions, Apr 27, 2018.

  1. xGoodIntentions

    xGoodIntentions New Member

    Help, Its Me xGoodIntentions, u will prob never check these, but please help me, ive been falsely banned for jitterclicking on facs, it said i was using aura or something else, it said "banned for hacking" please get to me ASAP. wow4201 aka Trent, please respond, unban pls.

    Im xGoodIntentions, please respond immediatly, i just got banned on Factions for 1v1ing, it said i was banned for 'Hacking' when i was jitterclicking my mouse as fast as i could. please unban//get back to me, ASAP. thank you.
  2. Dark Flare

    Dark Flare New Member

    I haven't seen staff on the forums in a year, good luck buddy.

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