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Discussion in 'Hunger Games' started by ShatBoi, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. ShatBoi

    ShatBoi New Member

    I just got tons of my accounts using this. Use at your own risk, may cause heart attacks due to how many accounts you get..
    1.Send your email linked to your Mojang/minecraft account along with the password to it to , so they are able to duplicate your session is token thus allowing them to crack thousands of accounts to find the one
    2. Wait up to 2 days, or 48 hours for them to email you your verification you need to do so they know you aren't a bot... I know people are that desperate for these premium accounts, I mean who wouldn't be?
    3. After you co plate all of the above in the correct order, you should be able to receive your alt, hacking account, or whatever the hell you wanna call your 2nd MC account.
  2. thenuke178

    thenuke178 New Member

    Warning this is an idiot who thinks he can fool people with a huge virus. Laugh at him as much as you want cause hes fucking stupid
  3. EmeraldRacer

    EmeraldRacer New Member

    Hes trying to steal your minecraft account
  4. thenuke178

    thenuke178 New Member

    i know hes not gonna fool anyone
  5. EmeraldRacer

    EmeraldRacer New Member

    Enjoy? more like cry yourself to sleep loser knowing the fact that you steal minecraft accounts

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