HACKERS ruin the server

Discussion in 'PVPOP' started by TheMoistNapkin, Nov 10, 2017.

  1. TheMoistNapkin

    TheMoistNapkin New Member

    Ok ok, wow, I know that if you banned all of the hackers that play uber minecraft your server would probably die because basically everyone hacks, i'm ok with someone using some shitty ass hacks but people with overpowered hacks that completely bypass the anticheat make other people want to quit, in PVP OP I just lost 3 god sets I grinded for to Reptilias after she used crazy hacks against me. I got "kicked for hacking" because apparently I was using anti kb which I wasn't which proves that the current anti cheat damages legit players more than the real hackers, wow, if you hand out some temp bans maybe they will learn their lesson and the legit players might play again and maybe donate in the future. please take all this into consideration and do what most servers do which is enforce the rules.
  2. Nater_datater

    Nater_datater New Member

    Reptilias is easy. Let me know if you want me to kill her. :) Ign: ZboubAmaxX

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