Im Very Upset That When I Spawn To Lobby I Get KIlled

Discussion in 'Factions 2.0' started by Falcor71, Dec 31, 2017.

  1. Falcor71

    Falcor71 New Member

    I Spawned to Lobby And Was Killed 25Times Buy Players Throwing Potions ANd I Thought That Was A Safe Zone So You Can Shop And Trade Why Can They Kill You Im Uber Donor And I lost all My God Armor I Won In Monster Fight And I Lost All My Silktouch Items and All My that i Was Going To Put In My Enderchest I Want Compensation for this glitch And Want My God Armor And Silk Tools Back This Is Not Fair I Try To Respawn And i Get Killed Just As I Spawn It is not Fair And Im losing all my donated gear and noew i have to wait 2days and i lost all my god gear forever due to this spawn killing glitch please fix this and replace my lost tuff thank you very much this server is great but since reset it has turned to crap with all these bugs look forward to the fixing - Falcor71

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