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    Hi, My name is Kayosic_Creeper. Most people call me Kayosic, Kayo, or Kayos. I really enjoy playing on this server, and I play on it everyday. I have even told all of my real life friends about this server too. I only have one experience of being an admin or mod on a server. I once helped my friend with his server, and it was absolutely amazing. Even though I only have one experience with be an admin or mod on a server, I think I would be a great admin or mod on UberMC. When I was an admin on my friends server, I helped a lot of people out. I did not abuse my admin powers on my friend's server, as well as I will not abuse them on UberMC if you accept this application. I also have a YouTube channel, were I can Upload some videos of UberMC and make it a bigger server. The link to my YouTube will be below this application as well as other social medias of mine and my email, were you can contact me for more information. I can also help out this amazing server by helping you with the plugins, and building as well. I love helping people build, and when I am on SkyBlock, I always ask people if they need help with their island, because I am always bored, and love helping people build.

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxSXdjKldpfvrhnKPzso-Tg/feed?activity_view=1
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kayosic_Creeper
    Email: fnafgamer1233@gmail.com

    If I want to improve UberMC, I can build really well. A lot of my friends on Uber and even in real life say that I can build really well. I can make a new spawn (people have been saying to me that they want a new spawn). Some times I even get on single player and test build things. I am currently test building a mansion like house that i can maybe build for Uber. I can also get new plugins. I have been working on my own server for a while, so I know a lot about how to install plugins and put them on a server. I am currently working on a different server that I enjoy working for a lot! I am only making this application because I want to see a difference in UberMC! I love this server so much! Thats why I have UberAdmin. I used to have Admin but when I saw that UberAdmin rank was released, I begged my mum and dad for UberAdmin! I can do what the server owner, Wow4201, or the dev, Max604, wants me to do! I am willing to do whatever makes this server a better server in the future! I hope I can soon be a mod/admin/ or even just a trial-mod!
  2. GoldenHawkFTW

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    How are you going to be staff when you hack in this video on your youtube

    Have a nice day/night!
  3. EmeraldRacer

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    RIP XD
  4. GoldenHawkFTW

    GoldenHawkFTW New Member

    Application Rejected
    Application rejected because of hacking in video


    I dont hack anymore XD that was a while ago XDDD
  6. GodOfMod

    GodOfMod New Member

    Lol kayosic helps very well he should be mod lmao
  7. msscentral

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    Welcome to UberMC! Hope you enjoy your stay.

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