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Discussion in 'COD Infected' started by Timzey, Jan 9, 2017.

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    I love it so much and I know all you guys did too. You might not be on the forums or even care about uber anymore but i stuck along and even got a rank. Your server was so much more popular and had twice the amount of players when the old infected was in place. Everybody loved it. You had over 20 people on each infected server. Why did you get rid of it? sometimes it got up over 50 or 60 players on at once. You guys were at a all time high and now your at a low. You guys have around 5 players on COD infected now and nobody really likes it. Why ruin that special gamemodes. I loved it and had so many memories on it. IT sucks to see it gone. Im starting a protest/campaign to bring it back up and its gonna get serious :p Lol. Please though, we all loved it.

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