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Discussion in 'COD Infected' started by MuddyMudkipz, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. MuddyMudkipz

    MuddyMudkipz New Member

    While i was playing COD Infected i noticed something weird about ALEXVDAS's chat font, and he even admits it's hacks. Since i've had a server in the past, i'm quite experienced with where specific hacks/modifications are from.
    On some other Servers, you can copy and paste other Fonts into Minecraft.
    however, i'm quite inexperienced with UberMC.
    Pretty sure the Hack is called "Fancy chat" in Wurst
    Time: 15:54

  2. SlumberyComet88

    SlumberyComet88 New Member

    How do you know he uses wurst? Have you used it in the past?

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