popgirl100 is MEAN

Discussion in 'SkyBlock' started by thenegativew0lf, Aug 20, 2017.

  1. thenegativew0lf

    thenegativew0lf New Member

    This is the text popgirl100 put in skyblock chat: (she was having an argument)
    CleverFawn77936 (victim) :I hate my skin
    popgirl100: change it then noob
    CleverFawn77936 (victim): idk how
    popgirl100: find out then duh noob

    CleverFawn77936 (victim): noob is not a very nice thing to call people
    popgirl100: shutup
    CleverFawn77936 (victim): 0-0
    popgirl100: Who do you think you are you shit

    CleverFawn77936 (victim):why u so mean?
    popgirl100: mhmm
    popgirl100: You're 11

    CleverFawn77936 (victim): how do you know?
    popgirl100: aahaha noob
    popgirl100: I CAN TELL
  2. *Breathes in* Breh
  3. ultramon

    ultramon New Member

    Well.... she does have a point, but if your 11 then shes 8
  4. ZelandIsBack

    ZelandIsBack New Member

    WTF Did I Just Read?At Least She/Popgirl100 Didn't Swear At The Guy.It's The Internet.Just Ignore Them.How Is That Hard.Also The Way She "Roasts" The Dude/CleverFawn Clearly Shows That She Is Smaller Than 11.Why Do You Even Care??

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