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    Hi Wow4201,
    My name is Grqmm.

    I think there is a server glitch, as sometimes people would randomly receive certain amounts of UBER keys for free. I personally got 10 Uberkeys in a row just a few weeks ago and 2 UBER keys just a few hours from this post.
    I believe if we don't stop this, people would quickly become more "OP" and the server economy would go down for sky block, the server won't be as fun. Also, talking about buying UBER keys on the UBER mc website. You would not be able to gain profit or money. I don't know if this "FREE UBER KEY" was on purpose or not, but I believe we should find an approach to this.

    ALSO: "Possible duping methods to watch out"
    Wow4201, watch out when you add more perks to the donator box. These can turn into duping methods.

    DUPE history:
    The first duping method was about the Pokeball and log ins and outs.
    The Second duping method was about the guillotine furniture for UBERAdmins.
    The Third duping method was about the Donator Box itself and naming items with the same name and slowly duping.

    As you can see, all these duping methods are either donator box perks or hot bar items.
    After gathering information from the sky block server, a lot of people said after you fix the bug glitches or add new "rules" or "design", or possibly "update the server entirely". A lot of glitches come back up, new duping methods arise. SO, I advise that you think ahead of how after "Updating" the server, you have in mind:
    1. Will it cause more Bug glitches?
    2. Will it cause more duping methods?
    3. Will it cause more crashes?

    ALSO: "People losing their items"
    There is a glitch where people lost their items either in the:

    1. Custom enchantment:
    People would place the item they want to enchant + the book itself, and when they receive the enchanted item by using "Control click" and not manually dragging the item to their inventory, It would disappear. (It happened to me twice, I lost 2 god swords)

    2. "Friends (Diamond in Hotbar)"
    People would "Accidentally" when accepting friend invites (not manually) place their items in the "accept friends" bar from their inventory. They cannot retrieve it back, they cannot take their items back as it would glitch back to the accept friend's bar. And of course, eating their item.

    ALSO: questions from players: "what we want to know"
    People on this server would like to understand:
    1. Why do some "same" bosses drop different amounts of Boss tokens?
    i.e Theal the UNSTABLE: drops 1 boss tokens
    while sometimes, it drops: 15 boss tokens

    Why is the head shop disabled now?
    - When I go into the head shop, it says "No permission"

    DO illusioner spawners even work?

    4. Please lower the price of UBER SPAWNERS

    5. Why are diamond and Emeralds so expensive now?

    6. Is there gonna be a new BOSS?

    7. Mobs despawning?

    8. How to AFK mine

    9. How to AFK grind

    I, myself love this server and have been playing for 4 years Since build was up.
    I would like to improve this server and attract more people to create a big trustworthy community.
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    Everything that you mentioned needs to be looked into
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