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  1. emerald6

    emerald6 New Member

    1. Have a cap as to how many skeletons can spawn at a given time, seriously, it's getting annoying having to kill 100 skeletons in the bottom of the ship
    2. Make the spawn eggs throwable, that way the skeleton spawn eggs you get from killing the ship skeletons are actually useful
    3. Oh yeah, the skeletons spawned by the pirates should be loyal to the pirates and not attack them (and if possible reduce their health to around 1 heart)
    4. Make a source of lapis, that way enchantment tables are not useless
    5. The explosion damage from the eggs should take off 5 hearts without armor (if it does not do so already)
    6. The shop and friends diamond/emerald should be replaced with a command(s)
    7. Make separate chats for EACH team
    8. The TNT should take 20 seconds to detonate (encourages Pirates to keep up offensive pressure on the Defenders)
    9. Defenders should respawn closer to the emerald
    10. The TNT should be placed directly on the emerald
    11. Glass can be broken
    12. Upon death, all items besides kit items would be dropped
    13. If possible, create multiple kits that players can change before- or in-game. When they change kits, they will be applied after death. After each death, the kit items would be renewed. Kit items cannot be dropped or moved. All effects last until the game ends or until the user changes kits. Some ideas could be:
      • Defenders:
        • Bowman: Power 1 bow with 64 arrows and leather armor (tunic should have Projectile Protection 1)-they would sit in the back and pick off targets
        • Brawler: Diamond sword and potion effect Strength 1-they would go to the front lines and deal melee damage
        • Tank: Wood sword, 1 Splash Potion of Healing 3, iron armor with Protection 2, and potion effect Health Boost 5-they would also go to the front lines, soaking up the damage
        • Blaze: Blaze Powder with Fire Aspect 3 and ability to, activated by right click, spew fire particles with 4 block range that deals up to 3 hearts per second (the farther away the enemy goes the less damage) without armor-they would provide crown control with the ability and punish those who get too close with burns
        • Constructor: 2 iron golem eggs/items that can summon them (the iron golems will be loyal to Defenders), 16 glass blocks, diamond shovel, diamond pickaxe- they would be encouraged to camp around their emerald, fortifying it with glass and surrounding it with their beefy golems while helping out with mining
      • Pirates:
        • Cannoneer: 64 eggs and Blast Protection 3 chain boots-they would use the eggs for mobility, worrying less about self-damage due to the explosion
        • Swashbuckler: Iron sword, leather boots, and potion effect Swiftness 1-they would get to the front lines faster
        • Shaman: Leather armor, 4 Splash Potions of Regen 2 (30 seconds), and 4 Splash Potions of Poison 4 (5 seconds)-using their healing potions, they would support a push, and using the poison, pierce armor
        • Ship spirit: Invisibility and Weakness 1-they would sneak up on lone Defenders and slap them silly
        • Monster tamer: 4 Skeleton eggs, 16 Zombie eggs, 2 Cave Spider eggs-they would remotely surround the enemy with their minions
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