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Do you want Towny?

  1. Yes I want Towny!

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  2. No

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  1. patsox

    patsox New Member

    I think a towny server would be awesome! It would be great to have yet another amazing UberMc server!
  2. ghosthunter_0o0.

    ghosthunter_0o0. New Member

    I think uber needs a new server and towny seems like a great option but, it would have to have a lot of plugins and staff to keep it running well

    CR13PSHARK New Member

    Hey everyone, I just joined forums now and saw this thread...I have not played on Uber yet, but I have played on many towny servers and think this would a GREAT idea to add...I also run my own towny server and I am familiar with towny so I would love to help create/staff this server!.
  4. Xeto

    Xeto Member

    * bump *

    Please make this a thing, a vanilla/towny server would be an amazing aspect of the server. Alot of the older players from build would most likely agree with me.
  5. EmeraldRacer

    EmeraldRacer New Member

    sounds cool but you can't apply for staff on uber

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