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Do you want Towny?

  1. Yes I want Towny!

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  2. No

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  1. patsox

    patsox New Member

    I think a towny server would be awesome! It would be great to have yet another amazing UberMc server!
  2. ghosthunter_0o0.

    ghosthunter_0o0. New Member

    I think uber needs a new server and towny seems like a great option but, it would have to have a lot of plugins and staff to keep it running well

    CR13PSHARK New Member

    Hey everyone, I just joined forums now and saw this thread...I have not played on Uber yet, but I have played on many towny servers and think this would a GREAT idea to add...I also run my own towny server and I am familiar with towny so I would love to help create/staff this server!.
  4. EmeraldRacer

    EmeraldRacer New Member

    sounds cool but you can't apply for staff on uber

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