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By wow4201 on Nov 5, 2016 at 9:59 PM
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    UBERMC Player Network

    We're slowly rolling out a social network for UberMC Players.

    What is it?
    View players profiles using a very slick fast interface. The goal is for it to be similar to Facebook for UberMC players.

    Current Features

    -PVP Stats (ELO Ranking, Kills, Deaths)
    -Friends Section (You can click their heads to view their profile)
    -Players last online status, which server they were on. (Be on their profile, hover over their name)
    -All profile information is updated every 2 minutes.

    Planned Features
    -Wall messages (port messages/images on your profiles wall)
    -Player Feeds (Shows your recent accomplishments, Wall Messages)
    -Friend Feed (Shows all your friends recent accomplishments, Wall Messages)
    -Removing/Adding Players from website
    -Show Rank Status (Basic/Plus/ect...)
    -Show more friends information when you have mouse on their head.

    Comment what you guys think about the design and features.
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by wow4201, Nov 5, 2016.

    1. thenuke178
      I like the idea but to me the website is glitchy for me
    2. Redention
      Now I'm usually not very sensitive when it comes to getting mad but Red_Reaper_Noki literally briefed a build i had spent 20 hours on and since she is a hacker (and did the bridge of fuck and the shucker spawn) it is wrong to threaten her neck to neck so i am reporting her to jakob from here.
    3. LovePvP
      so many hackers at pr
    4. TeamspeakLTD
      Yo, Hello thenuke178 If the site is glitchy try to refresh your browser.
    5. Tylxr__
      Wanna have oral sex?
    6. Zamiejack
      Nice ideas wow 2 suggestions 1. Make it so you can remove friends and 2. add rules on the website or so you can do /rules and please please get more staff

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