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    Hello Wow or whoever will be reading this UnBan appeal. I am here to appeal the recent ban that happened to my account. The timing may be suspicious but rest assured, it is just pure coincidence. So hours ago I let a friend of mine play some games on my PC, so I can borrow his Laptop to use MS Office ( I didn't had MS Office on my PC as it was new like 8 days old and I didn't plan on purchasing something that expensive). So he played games I had no idea what until now, it turns out, he was just playing Minecraft using my account since his account was hacked. What I didn't know was (until now) that he installed a hacked client, the hacked client he installed was one named "Wurst" if I remember correctly. After he used it, nothing happened to the account so I proceeded to play at Uber, apparantly, he played with my account here (He said he played SkyWars, GTA, Factions, COD Zombies, etc) nothing happened just yet, meanwhile I was PVPing in PVPOP, my cat came to my desk and sat at the PC, so I tried to get her away, then when I looked back, it said I was banned, so I wondered why (my friend already went home) I then went to survival, and found that there was a crater forming everywhere I go, so I then tapped random buttons on my keyboard and saw the main menu, I was able to find out that some hacks were own and (this is just a guess) the SpeedNuke created a hole in the server that triggered the AntiCheat to ban me, again this is just a guess. I do not have any proof to back this story up, but I will be hoping for the best. Also, as far as I know, there are no rules on the server (haven't found anything yet)

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